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Charismatic, highly intelligent, successful in many ways. Just being appointed to the Board.

A senior player. Very senior in fact.

I’m the executive coach. It’s a most relevant point for coaching – a transition which will very much mean that what has made him successful before might not make him a success in the future.

It is challenging (in a good way), enjoyable and impactful coaching someone who is already a success with a view to facilitating their progression to a new level of performance.

One or two question marks about his impact on some people around him. ‘Application of EQ’ as opposed to lack of. Definitely not ‘lack of’.

There are some coaching approaches that you just don’t use with some people. I was thinking on my feet about what might unlock his thinking. Make that shift. Develop his understanding around personal impact.

And the question which generated laughter, awareness and some superb thinking on his part?

“What would it be like for you if you had to manage… you?”