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I suspect many of us have one. The point in our career which subsequently has turned out to have been pivotal, whether we knew it at the time or not.

I had a bout of nostalgia today. (As an aside: I don’t know why but my next three blogs, including this one, are a little that way inclined. Certainly quite personal. What is going on?)

I arrived early, as is my habit, for a client meeting. A large professional services firms. Very large in fact.

It probably goes without saying that I am fascinated by people and, as a result, I can happily ‘people watch’ for a long time. I arrived at lunch-time today so there was much toing and froing. What’s more – it felt very familiar and I suddenly had a flashback:

We’re back in 1995. I had long wanted to break out of the recruitment consultancy world and saw a Sunday Times advert for in-house recruiters at Price Waterhouse Management Consultants. Before long I was sitting in the reception of No 1 London Bridge for an interview and watching the comings & goings. It felt vibrant, exciting, interesting. A place I wanted to be.

Not much longer after that and the offer pack landed with a thunk on my doormat. I heard that noise from two floors up. I knew it was coming. That was a good day.

And then I was back, waiting to be picked up from that same reception on my first day. Even more exciting.

I was really lucky with my choice of that role – I ended up working for people who truly believed in development and enjoyed training in culture change, change management, intercultural management, business process re-engineering (remember that?), and advanced facilitation skills. Crucially I was then given the opportunity to apply that training in significant HR projects. I was also able to use my languages as I branched out into a pan-European role. True development…. and the rest is history.

Sitting in that reception back then I knew it felt special but I didn’t know that it was to be such a springboard for me.

Back to today and I began pondering whether  someone was sitting near, or walking past, me who is at that point in their life. And would they know it if they were? Do we ever know?

That was my turning point. Which was yours? Or which will be yours?