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Our executive coaching has positive, sometimes even dramatic, effects on performance. By reinforcing strengths and working on your interference – on what “gets in the way” – we play a crucial role in personal effectiveness and success. Your relationship with Chelsham will stand apart from other business relationships. We are unquestionably on your side, have no agenda other than your own and are working purely to help you realise your potential. Our insights into organisational dynamics, leadership and development combined with our impactful coaching techniques will help you reach your goals.

That said, coaching with us is not about turning up for a cosy chat. We use non-directive interventions to help you devise your own agenda, and directive approaches to ensure you follow through on your commitments. The sessions will follow your agenda, but will certainly include appropriate challenges as well as support. The result can be, and usually is, significant and measurable performance improvement.

Read our answer to the question “what exactly is executive coaching?” by clicking here.

When should you seek coaching?

There are many situations in which we can help, including:

Transition coaching You are aiming for a career goal such as a promotion or a new job, maybe in a new business. Or you have just attained that goal and wish to accelerate the rate at which you have a positive impact in the organisation. You will be grappling with all manners of organisational and personal interference and this is where we come in. It’s a fascinating and valuable point to use our coaching services and is an area where we have particular experience & interest.

Performance coaching
You are a high-performer looking further to raise your game and attain stretching business objectives. Or you are used to being a high performer but for some reason that isn’t the current reality and you are looking to get back on track.

Start-up coaching
You are embarking on something completely new and need to work out how to be a success. You may be launching your own business or developing a new product or service for your existing company. We can support, guide and challenge you through this exciting yet daunting agenda.

Navigation coaching
Something significant has changed in your organisation or market and you wish to maximise your chances of success in this new environment. What has made you a success previously may not make you a success in future. With so much at stake we can maximise your chances of success.

Career coaching
You are considering a change in direction, or pondering how to make the most of opportunities in your market / industry.

Leadership coaching
You are looking to make that key shift from managing to leading or are an established leader with new objectives or a new team.  You will want to work out how you want it to be around you, and determine how it actually is, in order to frame then embark upon your personal leadership agenda and develop your own leadership brand.



Tony Jackson is a member of the EMCC and subscribes to its Code of Ethics



Where our coaching works with individuals as they aim to make the shift from A to B, our facilitation and team-coaching does that for groups and teams. So imagine you are facing a new challenge. You or your team needs to make a shift. You need to work out how to meet a new target or objective. You know you have the skills and ideas but you need to release them. You are gathering your team to move matters forward.

Adept facilitation can be as powerful an intervention as executive coaching.

With our deep facilitation experience we can take on the challenge of helping you and your colleagues be at your best and navigate the meetings or process you are going through – thus freeing you from distractions and releasing you to play a full part in the group and its thought processes.

Whatever the size of the group, our facilitation can add value by:

  • Owning the objectives for the event and ensuring you reach them
  • If needed, work with individuals in the run-up to the meeting(s) to ensure effective contracting is taking place
  • Objectively managing the group dynamics, dealing with any disruption and encouraging participation
  • With fresh impartial eyes, noticing what is happening and using a range of interventions to maintain momentum, resolve conflict and capture ideas
  • Clearing the path by finding ways through blockages – whether they are attitudes or behaviours, sideshows or disputes
  • Shifting the dynamics in the room as needed
  • Team-coaching – whether blended with 1-2-1 coaching or not

We will work with you from idea through design to delivery and consult with you on other work that might be needed based on our deep facilitation and coaching experience.

Chelsham also offers insightful, pragmatic HR & organisational consultancy services based upon our deep, board-level HR experience. We’d prefer to chat about and understand your needs and your business context in order to design a bespoke solution, however examples of how we can help could include:

  • We can offer you commercial, strategic HR input into your business.
  • We mentor HR professionals.
  • We can help transform HR & recruitment functions, including a focus on the style, culture and impact of the HR team
  • We can deliver insightful workshops on many topics including ‘feedback culture’ or ‘diversity & inclusion’
  • We have specialist experience in driving a performance culture
  • We can offer you an “HRD on call”.

As just one specific example this might be the thought process that leads you to using our People Strategy services:

  • You know your business strategy (possibly as a result of Chelsham facilitation)
  • We will collaborate with you and your team to create the appropriate people or HR strategy
  • We will devise and explore the key themes that are relevant for your unique business
  • We might also agree to develop the programmes of work that will deliver these themes and the order in which you will tackle them
  • Appreciating your existing strengths as a business, we will facilitate discussions on what should you leave alone
  • You need to be clear how you are going to measure success – we can help
  • Ask yourself: how are you going to involve and engage with your people around this agenda?
  • We can build coaching and facilitation into many or all parts of this process. We’ll mentor you or coach you or a mix of both

We have worked in this way for other businesses and can add significant value to yours by doing the same.

“Tony is very good at creating an environment in which I feel comfortable discussing quite difficult issues. He is extremely perceptive and uses various questioning skills to understand what is really going on – he makes good suggestions on how I might move forward where appropriate but overall is very talented in helping me reach and make my own decisions”

– Coachee

Case Studies:


UK Organisation: Transition from functional specialist and leader towards being organisational leader.



International Business: Aiming for promotion to leadership position; grappling with significant difference in style, culture & approach of new employer.



International Professional Services Business: Successful professional working towards new career and business objectives.



Major ‘City of London’ business: Guiding player from successful manager to leader.


Example Assignments:


CEO Designate
Leadership coaching
Board Director
Leadership coaching
Finance Director
Leadership coaching
Partner Candidate
Transition & leadership coaching
Head of HR 
Performance coaching & mentoring
Managing Partner
Transition & leadership coaching
Leadership coaching
Head of Learning & Development
Transition & leadership coaching
Head of HR
Transition coaching & mentoring
Functional Head
Career & performance coaching
Aspiring Leader
Performance & leadership coaching
Functional Head
Transition coaching
Business Unit Leader
Transition coaching
Transition & performance Coaching
Functional Specialist
Transition into leadership

Facilitation & Team Work

Global Board
Board effectiveness (one-to-one/group work)
UK Leadership Team
Team-building & effectiveness workshops
New Team
Team coaching & team development


Educational Institution (Leaders & all staff)
Performance management & feedback culture
Various businesses & professional groups
Large & small group training & facilitation
Financial Institution
Inclusive leadership workshops
International business
HR Transformation & strategic HR advice

It’s time for you, your team or your business to move to the next level of performance – in partnership with Chelsham.