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I’m seeing.

No I’m not looking. I’m seeing.

Standing in a street in the lunch-hour, people rushing by to do whatever we do, frowning at me.

They are missing a piece of information.

I am standing there – and I am really seeing something. They think I am in the way and just staring at the side of a building.

I suspect they think I am behaving unusually. Or am unusual.

He stands out. “He’s different.”

They can’t see what I can see. It’s amazing. I have a different perspective to them.

The piece of information: I am holding a camera. I’m not looking through it right now but I will be. I might even use it.

Whilst everyone else is looking for lunch, I am looking for my next shot. Not so unusual.

Ah – he’s a photographer. Ah that’s why he’s staring at the building.

My challenge to you: next time you are about to jump to a conclusion about a colleague or their behaviour, ask yourself which piece of information you might be missing.