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I popped into Covent Garden the other day to see my trainer. It’s my Saturday ritual.  For some reason I felt particularly attuned with the world and was really noticing things. You know what I mean by noticing if you coach people or work on their development.

I was transported back 35 years ……it was the first time I’d been abroad without my parents –a school trip to Paris.

I can remember that the young teenager who had been  brought up in the country was absolutely entranced by Paris in the March sun early in the morning……….not the landmarks but being in the backstreets near the hotel with the hum of traffic in the background , shops opening and people starting to go about their business. A bit E in Myers Briggs terms I suppose. Getting energy from all that stuff out there.

Well this morning seemed just like that……….our lovely March weather continuing with hazy morning sunshine, the car telling me it’s 20degrees, not much traffic, joggers along the Thames, a few tourists wisely up early to see our city at its best.

I drove across Waterloo Bridge – I still think it’s the best panorama in London and  it was magnificent.

After I parked I, again, walked through some backstreets, saw shops opening and heard the hum of traffic in the background.

With the sun on my face, a weekend ahead of me with my fantastic other-half  and this wonderful city around me I felt so content.

I don’t always choose to remember that, whilst it may be a pain at times,  I just love city-life and London.

How lucky we are.