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Hmmm. If my timeline is full of blogs abut people stuff for 2014, how do I write something that is of interest to anyone?

Who knows? The things that get an audience, and don’t, on Twitter, blogs etc always confuse me.

I’m finding that I cannot escape a number of inter-linked thoughts which together add up to a new agenda for any leader, or HRD, as we enter into a new year.

None of them, I hasten to add can be fully achieved in one 12 month period but small steps first. Why not get going right now with a straight-forward attempt to operate differently and in line with this manifesto, or maybe let’s just call it a plan, for 2014 and beyond?

Here it is. Ta-dah.

  • Remove complexity
  • Appreciate more
  • Focus on strengths
  • Be inclusive

Firstly let me confront head-on anyone who says I am being simplistic. My overarching theme is Simplicity so I make no apologies if this is not the most complex agenda you have ever seen, if it lacks a cumbersome methodology and if it isn’t accompanied by a few dozen graphs, charts or references.

There are some industries which need to be evidence-based but, in my experience, many of those who call for greater evidence, deeper enquiry, year-long projects to test the water etc etc are simply trying to obstruct change by over-complicating it.  They are creating Interference – and I have written about that before. They are getting in the way. That ain’t leadership.

So Step One in 2014: get out of the way! Take that carefully crafted 2014 plan and remove 25% of its contents. How many times have we seen organisations which could achieve so much more if they only tried to do less (in the form of a smaller number of priorities). “We have ten priorities in the first half of 2014”, they proudly announce. Well you have no priorities then, have you?

It doesn’t take leadership to get in the way and to make life complicated for your talented people. It does take leadership to remove interference, to clear the path and to lighten the load so that strategic objectives can be the focus and your talented people are liberated and can succeed.

I’ll be moving onto Appreciation, Strengths and Inclusion in my next blogs.

Happy New Year 🙂