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We create more inclusive organisations
– coaching, consulting, leadership, HR

Welcome to Chelsham Inclusion, our specialist inclusion consultancy. We want to see, and help create, a world in which everyone works for inclusive businesses and in which nobody is excluded because of who they are or due to any perceived or real sense of difference.

We do this via inclusion coaching & consulting, by developing more inclusive leaders and by working with HR teams to ensure they are as inclusive as possible.

Chelsham is based in the City of London and we run assignments across London & the UK and internationally.

We foster inclusion
 – results, expertise, intuition, insights

Our Founder & MD Tony Jackson has a strong track record in, and understanding of, diversity and inclusion.

For 20 years or more he has been involved in or has led diversity & inclusion initiatives and more recently has coached and consulted with various organisations to foster conditions of inclusion.

Tony, who is an FRSA, has personal, societal and professional reasons for wanting to create more inclusive businesses. He is fascinated by, and insightful about, the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, about organisational culture and about the “interference’ which stops people being the most inclusive leaders.


“I don’t know how you did it but somehow you created a positive atmosphere and open mood amongst my colleagues that I have never seen before in my years in this organisation. Very thought provoking and a real shot in the arm.”



“When I die I want to come back as a presenter & facilitator as good as you”



“I thought that Tony did a great job yesterday – it’s a tough group to facilitate because of the regular, voluble resistance and he managed it well.”



“Smart questioning techniques, allied to good critical thinking and their own curiosity means that Chelsham are highly recommended for individuals and businesses who don’t want a formulaic approach!”



“Your starting point is always the commercial realities of a business and you therefore strive to deliver real value to our firm. At an individual level you are also a valued coach & mentor”



“I would be delighted to recommend you to others in my organisation and, should the opportunity arise, to invite you to coach me again or other colleagues in my team.”



“I just wanted to thank you again for a very successful session today. The positive feedback regarding your style of facilitating honest discussions continued throughout the afternoon. Several team members commented on the positive and uplifting effect of the session.”


Our core services
–  inclusive leadership & HR
–  inclusion coaching & consulting

Chelsham Inclusion is the specialist inclusion consultancy arm of Chelsham Coaching & Consulting. We are passionate about this subject and believe it is of critical importance for two main reasons: (1) to be blunt: fostering inclusion is simply the right thing to do and (2) inclusive working environments help to drive greater engagement and higher performance.

Our Founder has extensive experience of equality, diversity & inclusion work and in the last few years has coached, consulted and trained on inclusive leadership.

We help our clients to drive positive change by building inclusion, harnessing your existing diversity and avoiding exclusion.

Our consulting approach comprises a mix of enquiry into your organisation, the business case for inclusion, advice & recommendations, inclusion coaching and facilitated workshops and inclusive OD with a focus on behaviours & culture.

We also carry out speaking engagements, deliver inclusion/inclusive leadership sessions and coach your key players on their style and impact, on the conditions they create around themselves.

Additionally we have a rare focus on inclusive HR functions – the culture & impact of this business critical team. Many businesses advise on HR transformation – we work on the behaviours, inclusivity and culture of everyone in your HR team.

Our thinking
– sharing our ideas via the Chelsham blog

Pan-organisational inclusion

Pan-organisational inclusion

  We are not far off the 2020s and yet it sometimes seems that organisations are a little stuck with the thinking of the 1990s when it comes to inclusion, to fostering inclusivity. We know, or at least I hope we all know, what the differences are between...

Three words

Three words

    Recognition and feedback. Some managers and leaders agonise about this stuff but it does not have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, it’s this simple … The year is 1996. I was a newly-appointed and recently-arrived HR/Recruitment...



      "Included" is an outcome. An outcome you can choose to create... An expression I find myself repeating with increasing frequency is “are you on your agenda or that of the person in front of you?”  It’s driven by a realisation that too many people...

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