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Coaching Executives, Leaders, Teams & Organisations

Welcome to Chelsham 

Our impactful, business-oriented coaching & consulting interventions unlock the potential of current & future leaders and their organisations.

We work in partnership with you, your colleagues and your business to help you attain your goals via our specialist services:

  • qualified, commercially-minded and intuitive executive coaching
  • strategic people, HR and organisational consulting
  • catalytic facilitation & coaching on leadership, transitions, inclusion & performance.

Operating out of bases in the City of London and near Clapham Common, we work with clients in London/South East England as well as across & outside the UK.


What we offer                                                                Our 2017: executive & leadership coaching

Tony Jackson – Founder | Coach | Consultant

Chelsham is owned and run by Tony Jackson who personally leads all our assignments, working with specialists from a carefully selected and deeply-experienced group of associates.

Tony is a qualified, impactful and talented executive coach, HRD and consultant.

He is also a keen amateur photographer. His work features across chelsham.co with more to be found on this recently launched partner website.



Chelsham has helped people and companies across London & the UK to unlock their potential via our range of complementary & specialist services:

  • Coaching executives, leaders, teams & organisations
  • Transition, performance & leadership coaching
  • People & HR strategy and HR/recruitment transformation
  • Facilitation and workshop design/delivery
  • External mentoring/coaching for HR, L&D and recruitment professionals
  • Top-team development, inclusive leadership & performance improvement

 Client testimonials

In late 2017 Chelsham rebranded. We refreshed our colour palette, simplified our identity, updated brand photography, reworked this website, softly launched a new, straightforward company positioning & slogan and devised this adaptable suite of interconnected logos. We really hope you like our new brand.

“If you want to be more empowered & more effective at doing what you love in the world of work then I would highly recommend you invest in yourself and spend some time being coached by Tony Jackson at Chelsham”

– Director


What’s on the mind of Tony Jackson – Founder & Director of Chelsham Consulting? A blog on coaching, consulting and people.

Employee dynamics in the third sector

  Take some fantastic, well-intentioned charitable objectives. Add a complex organisation. Drive growth through mergers & takeovers so you have people from different cultures working hard to merge their mindsets, cultures and ways of working. Adopt a resourcing...

Salvation or revelation?

In my experience it happens just a little too often. A new appointee to a senior role is about to arrive. The hopes of the organisation, or of part of it, are pinned upon this appointment. All will be well once they are here. Look what they have done elsewhere - if we...

Our 2017: executive & leadership coaching

  2017 was Chelsham's fourth full calendar year of operation and a year-end is, of course, as good a point as any to review the types of clients with whom we are working, the nature of the assignments we are delivering and the markets in which we operate. It was a...

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